Consultation & Coaching

One-to-one and small group coaching online or via phone - free initial consultation

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Groups, Workshops, Trainings

Group instruction on how to be calmer, kinder, more aware and more present while listening - using techniques adapted from Buddhist mind-heart training.

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Rituals for Aspiration & Connection

Guidance for creating personal rituals to support one's deepest aspirations and connection with meaning or what is greater than oneself.

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Resources I Have Found Helpful – Long Covid

Below is a list of links with resources that I have found helpful in my process of responding to Long Covid.  The key issue for me has been to learn to understand, calm and retrain my nervous system. Resources I have found helpful – take what’s useful and leave the rest!

Long Silence…Long Covid

This is too long a story to tell in full right now.  But as I aspire to be entering a new phase of the story, I feel the need to share this post about my long silence of the last year.  In December of 2021 I contracted covid-19; and in January 2022 I started to have

Spiritual Advance Directive – Reflections on what to include

Here is a link to an example of a template for a non-denominational written spiritual advance directive, sometimes called a “spiritual will”: I’ve recorded some general thoughts about what kinds of things might be included in such a spiritual will, so that close friends and family know your spiritual wishes in regards to your

Drop-In Women’s Circle of Connection – Thursdays 12:00 PM EDT – June 17 thru Aug 12

Women’s Circle of Connection is a participatory learning circle, structured to gently encourage deeper connection to ourselves and each other through practicing simple meditative-based skills for listening and speaking with calm presence, good heartedness, and clear awareness.  Drop in to one or more sessions between June 17 and August 12, Thursdays 12:00 to 1:15 PM EDT. No

Listening More Deeply: Circles of Connection

New Circles of Connection are forming now.  These online “we-spaces” are designed to learn and practice meditative-based skills of listening with calm presence, good-heartedness, and clear awareness in order to offer harmonious support to self, others, and our collective interconnections during these difficult times.  Email to receive an invitation to new circles.  Click HERE