Long Silence…Long Covid

This is too long a story to tell in full right now.  But as I aspire to be entering a new phase of the story, I feel the need to share this post about my long silence of the last year.  In December of 2021 I contracted covid-19; and in January 2022 I started to have symptoms of long covid, which worsened for the ensuing 6 months, leading to quite significant impairment of my previous physical abilities, stamina, and emotional balance.  The unfolding has been unpredictable, but I am grateful for much improvement.  I choose to say I am slowly healing.

This process has turned out to be an unexpected immersion into a depth of difficulty unlike any experienced in this lifetime.  At the same time, it has turned out to be richer, more humanizing,  and more illuminating, than anything that came before.  That dichotomy continues.  It is an experience with unpredictable ups and downs; and any pretense of knowing the “outcome” has been replaced with “don’t know” mind.

However it is true that now at the beginning of March 2023, I (on some days) have enough energy to turn toward new activities, and aspire to use what I have learned from this long covid journey to be of benefit to others.   There are many lessons, resources and anecdotes I would like to share here over time.  But for now, I just want to say hello again.  And to wish you blessings on own your journey.