Free Presencing Groups Online – The Healing Power of Collective Caring Presence

The good news is now being confirmed:  there is great potential to heal our nervous systems and memories in this present moment through the power of intentional, caring, calm and resonant presence from one or more people (or pets or nature).  Some types of individual and group therapy incorporate this reality, as do some aspects of meditation and addiction recovery programs.  Of particular interest to me in the last three years has been the exploration of collective group “fields” that can be created for this purpose.

Fortunately there are now opportunities to experience and practice such presence collectively online at no charge, via Thomas Hubl’s Practice Groups and the activities of the non-profit Pocket Project.  I have found these groups very beneficial, and in 2021 became trained and certified as a facilitator of Practice Groups.   To learn more or participate at no charge, check out the links below:

Free online presencing Practice Groups:

Explanation of Transparent Communication, practiced in the groups:

The Temple of Presence Practice Group that I participate in and sometimes co-facilitate, which meets 3 times a week on M-W-Fri at 3 PM EDT: 

Note:  the “application” mentioned in this last link is simply a way to connect you with the coordinator of the group, who will communicate about current zoom links etc.)