May the words on these pages and any way we may connect result in greater happiness, love, compassion and equanimity;
and may that positivity expand to benefit other beings and our world.


Welcome!!  My name is Shana Lieberman Klinger. I provide consultation, coaching, mentoring, workshops, and meditation instruction to help people connect more deeply to the inherent nature of goodness and wisdom within each of us.

The name of this website, “heartmindspace,” comes from the Buddhist understanding that heart and mind are not separate, and that the potential exists for anyone to connect with resources of natural spaciousness, calm, clarity, ease, and warmth of heart and mind.

Integrating these positive qualities into our daily lives of relationships, activities, work and play is both possible and inspiring. The more we become at home with these deep resources, the more we can lead a harmonious and satisfying life and can meet life’s challenges, no matter what they may be.

The techniques, skills, and insights I share come from more than 40 years of practice in Buddhist meditation traditions, as well as from my personal and professional experience.

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