Releasing Suffering:  Buddhist Meditations and Insights for Loosening the Grip of Identification with Thoughts, Emotions & Sensations

Click HERE for notes with an outline of the topic and some resources to practice mindfulness and concentration.

Cultivating the Noble Heart in 2020

Here’s a handout from that class with resources to prioritize aspiration and compassion in our lives.

Relaxed Mind Meditations

Here’s a handout with a brief overview  of the seven meditations from Dza Kilung Rinpoche’s book, The Relaxed Mind.  There is also a link to the online course in which Kilung Rinpoche teaches these meditations, and to a free guided meditation with him leading Basic Sitting meditation.  HANDOUT RELAXED MIND

Rhode Island Buddhist Meditation Groups (September 2019)

Here’s an incomplete list of Buddhist meditation groups in Rhode Island based on my personal experience and contacts.

Aspiration Into Action 

Here’s a worksheet from this two hour workshop that guides you through connecting more deeply to your deepest intention and aspiration, followed by ways to support sustainable action to arise from that connection.  WORKSHEET  (Jan. 2019)

Introduction to Buddhist Meditation and Insights:  Calm, Clear, Kind and Wise

This handout summarizes the principles, meditation techniques and online practice resources covered in each of four sessions.  HANDOUT (Nov-Dec 2018)

Summer in the Park – Walking Meditation and Circle for Good

Click here for handout with resources regarding walking meditation and meditations for loving kindness and compassion. (June 2018)


Here is a Buddhist Prayer for Forgiveness that can be recited prior to practicing loving kindness or compassion meditations, or as a wonderful practice in itself.  Thank you to Dharma Teacher Joanne Friday for sharing this:

A Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness

If I have harmed any one in any way,
either knowingly or unknowingly
through my own confusions,
I ask their forgiveness.
If any one has harmed me in any way,
either knowingly or unknowingly
through their own confusions,
I forgive them.
And if there is a situation
I am not yet ready to forgive,
I forgive myself for that.
For all the ways that I harm myself,
negate, doubt, belittle myself,
judge or be unkind to myself,
through my own confusions,
I forgive myself.

Calm, Kind, Clear and Wise:  Cultivating Presence

Click here for a handout summarizing the skills practiced in this class for learning to listen more deeply to others (and oneself) with the applied meditative skills of concentration, compassion/loving kindness, and mindfulness. (May 2018)