Each of us can become calmer, clearer, kinder, and more present to ourselves and others.  I offer groups and workshops that help participants learn how to do that through techniques adapted from Buddhist mind-heart training methods.

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Circles of Connection

Online “we-spaces” in which to learn and practice interpersonal and collective presence via meditative-based skills of listening and speaking.

In each Circle, we follow simple guidelines and a guided structure to see and hear others as caring peers, speak honestly and be heard without interruption or advice, collectively hold the truth of “what is” for each of us individually, while being open to what appears from our presence and connection together.

 Email shana.l.klinger@gmail.com to receive notice of impromptu or long-term circles forming.

Click HERE for a summary of the purpose and guidelines for each circle, as well as how to focus intention and enhance the three skills of listening with calm presence, good-heartedness and clear awareness.

Cultivating Presence

  Listening with greater calmness, clarity, kindness  and wisdom

Learn to apply meditative skills of calm, clear, kind and wise to listening in daily life.  Training  in mindful listening and caring presence can be delivered as a weekly series of classes or as one-time workshops. Click here for an overview of classes and workshops that teach skills of calm, clear, kind, and wise, based on meditative techniques applied to listening and relationships.

Appropriate for Everyone: Listening is a Learned Skill

The skills of mindfulness, concentration, and a good heart can be very practically cultivated in our daily relationships and activities of listening, speaking, and working, in order to be more present to ourselves and others.

Appropriate for Professional Audiences

I provide workshops for professional audiences based on skills of concentration, mindfulness, compassion, and altruistic motivation. These skills increase the ability to be more present and connected with one’s clients.   CEs for social workers from RI-NASW are available for some programs.

Click here for a description of the workshop and professional development topics below:

  • Your Caring Presence: tools and tricks for being calmer and kinder on the job
  • Listening and Speaking from Presence and Awareness
  • Compassion vs. Empathic Distress:  preventing burnout
  • Building an Organizational Culture of “calm, clear, and kind”

These trainings are especially appropriate for healthcare providers or those in the helping professions to address burnout and stress, but can also be adapted to any group or the general public. I am also available to collaboratively design and deliver site-specific training interventions that can be integrated into the work day in short increments over weeks or months.

Please get in touch at shana.l.klinger@gmail.com if you would like to discuss a workshop or training for your organization or group.

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